Mixer for animal food


Horizontal randomized mixer for mixing powdery materials is used in technological processes which demand high quality of material mix. The ratio of mixture of horizontal randomized mixer is 1:100.000


The contraction is very reliable and easy to maintain. It is consisted of machine base that holds hitched mixer with boxes located above and below. Agitator of mixer is driven by gear motor reducer. There are inspection openings on the machine set to enable control and cleaning.

Work process description

  • Previously well measured components are brought to the box above the mixer
  • Then the components are discharged to mixer by manual opening of the slide gate
  • Duration time of mixing depends on material used and usually takes 3-5 minutes
  • At the same time, refilling of the upper box is carried out
  • Mixed material is discharged into the box below mixer by manual opening of the slide gate again.

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