Hidraulic unloading platform


It is designed for unload of grainy bulk cargo from a truck or a tractor with trailers.


Construction of platform is consisted of:

metal construction and hydraulic system.


Metal construction is massive, stable and durable. Its design depends on the capacity, so it can hold transport vehicle in stable and reliable way in each position, both while lifting or descending.


It is manufactured by welding and usually it is consisted of steel NPU profiles and ribbed sheet, as well as other quality steel materials (sheets, pipes, round steels etc.).

Hidraulic system, description and usage

Hydraulic system is dimensioned according to the load, and it is consisted of:

  • hydraulic cylinders,
  • hydro aggregates,
  • ushers,
  • flow controller,
  • tap,
  • check valves,
  • blocking valves,
  • limiting valves,
  • security valves and hydraulic installation (pipes, hoses and connectors)

Hydro system enables platform inclination together with transport vehicle with allowable load for maximal angle of 37 degrees. The unload of grainy bulk cargo is being discharged from vehicle in this way. Commanding of platform is being done manually. Only with a special request of the buyer can be made electronically.

Base and platform

  • Special chains for binding the vehicle for platform are made in order to secure stable and reliable holding of vehicle while platform is being lifted or descended.
  • Metal construction and hydraulic system lie down on building foundation which needs to fit completely to the requests of platform by geometry and load. These details needs to be submitted before contracting and those requests must comply with the construction work.
  • Data and requests for performing of electric distribution and electrical installation need to be submitted as well.
  • Setting-up leveling and irrigation in the concrete construction of bracket hinges platform and anchor plates for carrying hydro cylinder, falls in construction work.

Disclaimer: Construction and electro part is not the subject of our offer.

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