Hammer Mill is used for cereals grinding such as: corn, wheat, soy, barley, oats, rice, dried plants, soybean cake and others that belong to animal food.


Material in the mill is exposed to hammer blows, where its being reduced in size until passes through sieve. Variation of granulation is possible in wide range due to different sizes of sieve diameters used that could be between 3 to 10 mm.


  • Robust construction mill is constructed for continuing grinding at high RPM.
  • It is consisted of casing, grinding chamber made of steel plates mounted on shaft so that hammers and sieves can be installed freely.
  • Sieves are being surrounded by hammers, except in the part where material is being loaded.
  • Hinged lids on the casing enable easy opening and access to grinding chamber.
  • Hammers are made of heat-treated steel.
  • Dynamic balanced rotor
  • Grinding chamber is connected with motor with a coupling, while whole constriction is placed on the mounting brackets that have shock absorbers which mitigate vibrations that are caused by exploitation of a mill.

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